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HUBER - Environmental Technology - On a Global Scale

Compact units guarantee effective, efficient and reliable performance
Fully enclosed units for odour containment
Wear resistant components and low speed operation to ensure minimal maintenance and running costs
Top quality and all stainless construction for lowest costs during the whole life of the plants
Continuous, fully automatic operation eliminates attendance
Many times available from stock

Production : Treatment of Wastewater and Drinking water
  • Innovative
  • Variable
  • Individually adjustable
  • For new and existing plants
Worldwide industrial and municipal installations and service
  • Worldwide references
  • Top material quality
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Service-friendly
Products for wastewater and drinking water treatment

Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • Efficient production
  • High capacities
  • High flexibility
  • High qualified and motivated manpower
Production facility in Berching/ Germany
  • Modern machine park
  • ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 certified
  • Two production facilities in Germany
Competent processing of stainless steel [ top ]

Wastewater Screening : Screens and Wedge Section Screens
  • Coase screen, fine screen, finest screen
  • Any bar spacing from 0.2 to 100 mm
  • Any flow rate
  • Any installation situation
  • Any installation in channel and tank
ROTAMAT® Fine Screen Ro1 on STW Bailongang/Shanghai, China
  • Climbing Screen, ROTAMAT® Plants, STEP SCREEN®
  • Reliable and reduced maintenance
  • For gravity and pump feed
ROTAMAT® Wedge Section Screen Ro2 for fine screening in Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Screens and Wedge Section Screens
  • ROTAMAT® Plants up to 3000 mm diameter
  • STEP SCREEN® for up to 75' installation angle
  • CLIMBMAX® Screen for up to 20 m installation depth
STEP SCREEN® for up to 75' installation angle
  • Vertical RoK 4 Screen, ideal for pumping stations and small plants with up to 120 l/s flow rate
  • Depth: up to approx. 12 m, Minimum space demand
  • Integrated screenings press
Vertical ROTAMAT® RoK 4 Screen, ideal for pumping stations

Screens and Wedge Section Screens
  • Horizontal Drum Screen with integrated screenings press for industrial and municipal applications
  • Ideal for pump feed
Drum Screen in an industrial wastewater treatment plant
  • CLIMBMAX® Climbing Screen for medium and big bar spacing, extraordinarily sturdy construction
  • Ideal for coarse material seperation, inlet screen, for pumping stations and overflows
CLIMBMAX® Climbing Screen for 10-100 mm bar spacing [ top ]

Screenings Treatment / Washing : Wash and Press Systems
  • Washing and compaction in one unit
  • Extraordinarily sturdy construction
  • Ideal for combination with STEP SCREEN® and other screen types
  • Up to 60% DS content, dependent on machine type
Wash Press installed after a STEP SCREEN®
  • Increased removal of organic material with WAP/SL
  • The weight reduction by up to 85% reduces disposal costs significantly
  • Suitable for any feed arrangement, also for launder channel feed
WAP/SL with increased organic material washout

Wash and Press Systems
  • Used water or wastewater is used for screenings washing
  • Weight reduction up to 85%
  • Optional screenings desinfection available
Screenings Press for high feed rates
  • Screenings compaction and transport combined in one unit
  • Discharge of several parallel screens into the press is easily possible
  • Extremely reduced maintenance and wear
Screenings transport and compaction integrated in one unit: Ro7 [ top ]

Grit Treatment : Classifying and Washing
  • Classifying, washing, dewatering and transport in one unit: COANDA Grit Washing Plant RoSF 4
  • Organic content not less than or equal to 3%
  • With greater than or equal to 95% seperation efficiency with 0.2 mm
COANDA Grit Washing Plant RoSF 4
  • Classifying, dewatering and transport in one unit: RoSF 3
  • Optimized seperation capacity due to the COANDA effect
  • Seperation capacity greater than or equal to 85% with more than or equal to 0.2 mm
Seperation capacity greater than or equal to 95% with grain sice more than 0.2 mm

Grit Treatment
  • Complete Grit Treatment System RoSF 5 for
  • Grit from STPs
  • Grit from sewer system
  • Grit from road cleaning
  • Other polluted grit (e.g. oil grit)
Wash Drum in RoSF 5 System for coarse material seperation
  • Organic content less than or equal to 3%
  • Seperation of gravel
  • Recirculation of water for reduced operating costs etc.
Complete grit treatment system for any throughput [ top ]

Sludge Treatment : Sludge Screening
  • ROTAMAT® Sludge Screening: Septic sludge and e.g. return sludge
  • Channel or tank installation
  • Direct coupling of trucks
ROTAMAT® Sludge Acceptance Plant
  • STRAINPRESS® In-Line Sludge Screening
  • Ideal for removal of coarse and fibrous material, e.g. upstream of sludge drying plants
  • Completely made of Stainless steel
STRAINPRESS® In-Line Installation

Mechanical Sludge Thickening
  • ROTAMAT® RoS 2 Sludge Thickening with completely closed plant
  • Extraordinarily high thickening efficiency of up to 12% DS
  • Minimum water and energy demand
ROTAMAT® Sludge Thickening Plant for 100m3/hr
  • ROTAMAT® RoS 2 Disc Thickener for small flow rates
  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Minimum polymer consumption
  • Minimum space demand
Disc Thickener for small flow rates

Sludge Dewatering
  • ROTAMAT® Screw Press
  • Extraordinarily economical operation and maintenance
  • Best dewatering results with various sludge types
  • Minimum consumables and energy consumption
ROTAMAT® RoS 3 Sludge Dewatering Press
  • HUBER-KLEIN BS Beltpress Press for Sludge dewatering
  • High-efficiency predewatering with curved zone for optimal pretreatment
  • High seperation efficiency Clear Filtrate
HUBER-KLEIN Belt Filter Press for sludge dewatering

Sludge Drying and Dewatering
  • High-efficiency HUBER Decanter Centrifuge for highest dewatering results
  • High throughput at minimum space requirement
  • All components in touch with medium are made of stainless steel
HUBER high-efficiency decanter centrifuge
  • HUBER-KLEIN Circulation Air Dryer KULT
  • Simple technology without vapor and exhaust air treatment
  • Achievable DS greater than or equal to 95% (adjustable to customer's demand)
  • Minimum energy demand
HUBER-KLEIN Recirculation Air Drying System [ top ]

Sedimentation Tanks : Circular Sedimentation Tanks
  • Optimized inlet structures
  • Submerged clarified water discharge by means of patented submerged pipe
  • Reliable removal of settled sludge and scum
HUBER Complete System for secondary clarifiers
  • Scum Scraper for reliable and complete removal of floating material
  • Suitable for any tank diameter
  • Completely made of stainless steel
HUBER Scum Scraper

Rectangular Sedimentation Tanks
  • CUST System for optimized solids seperation in rectangular tanks
  • Significant savings of building and operation costs
  • Improved biological clarification performance of the complete plant
HUBER CUST System for rectangular tanks
  • HUBER Plastic Chain Scraper for rectangular tanks
  • High chain breaking load: greater than or equal to 35kN
  • Flow-optimized scrapers
Chain Scraper for rectangular tanks [ top ]

The Liquid / Solids Seperation Specialist : Industrial Applications
  • Complete manure treatment system with preliminary screen HUBER Manure Seperator, membrane filtration and reverse osmosis plant
  • Step by step treatment possible
Manure Treatment Concept 2000
  • Wastewater and Sludge treatment in food industry
  • Systems for direct and indirect dischargers
Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment

Industrial Applications
  • Process water, wastewater and sludge treatment in paper industry
  • Product recovery
Product recovery in paper industry
  • Treatment of grit and oil containing media
  • Recycling of products from different industries, e.g. iron and steel industry, chemical industry, etc.
HUBER - The partner for disposal industry [ top ]

Membrane Technology : Filtration Technology : Sand Filtration, Cloth Filtration
  • HUBER CONTIFLOW® SandFilter for any flow rate, for industrial and municipal application
  • Continuous operation saves operating and investment costs
  • No external backwash supply
  • Cloth Filtration Plant for industrial and municipal application
  • The suitable filter medium for any application
  • No external backwash supply
HUBER ROTAFILT® Cloth Filtration

Clarification and disinfection of all types of water
  • HUBER VRM System as a filtration or membrane bioreactor
  • Low-energy operation due to high-efficient cleaning of the rotating membrane surface
  • Ultra filtration membrane for bacteria and virus retention
Diagrammatic drawing of the HUBER Membrane Process
  • Clarification to service and irrigation water quality of
    • munucipal wastewater
    • industrial wastewater and waste dump leakage water
    • Manure
View of a VRM Membrane Unit [ top ]

Decentralized Wastewater Treatment : HUBER Products for decentralized treatment
  • Wedge Section Screen
  • Micro Strainer
  • Septic sludge and manure treatment
  • Small Preliminary Screen
ROTAMAT® Mini Complete Plant
  • VRM Membrane Bioreactor
  • SBBR Biofilm Reactor
  • Rotary biological contactors
Module of Membrane Bioreactor [ top ]

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