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Califonia PelletMill is the largest designer and manufacturer of pelleting equipment in the world, offering a complete line of pelletmills, conditioning systems, coolers, expanders, crumblers, feed cleaning systems, and pellet dies.


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CPM Pellet Mills

CPM Pellet Mills

CPM, the world's leading manufacturer and designer of pelleting equipment, is dedicated to designing, building and delivering the best pellet mills and equipment on the market. With the highest quality materials, field proven designs and highly trained representatives, we can assure you that you'll get the job done right --- every time. Whatever your application, whatever your budget constraints, CPM has the solutions you need.

CPM Pellet Mills are meticulously engineered and highly efficient. They are the most mechanically refined pellet mills on the market today.

Our pellet mills are built for around-the-clock production and driven by up to 800 horsepower. Wherever you look, you'll find quality. From the world's most durable, single reduction, direct gear drive to our "LT" feeder/conditioner arrangement, CPM standard features are built to ensure you optimize your production,

Whether it's pounds per hour or tons per four, we have the right equipment. And with die work areas ranging from just over 70 inches to well over 1500 square inches, our mills are ideal for producing pellets for full line feeds, wood, single ingredients, coal, poultry feed, hog feed, paper, corn wet milling or any of the thousands of products our customers pellet. What's more, your CPM representative can help you design the ideal system that fits your need.


Pellet Mill Features and Benefits

  • Positive direct gear drive provides the highest energy transfer available - a 98% energy transfer - meaning less energy wasted. Belt drives can't do that !
  • Rounded cast gear case with interior ribbing provides strength and ensures a quiet ioeration.
  • Segmented die clamps eliminate alignment problems and enable quicker die changes.
  • Metal-to-metal seals between components keep dust and steam inside the pelleting chamber, not on your floor.
  • Modular gearbox design allows flexibility to increase production with simple modifications.
  • The replacable quill flange, a wear item, saves you thousands by protecting the quill. The quill flange provides a tight metal-to-metal contact between the quill and the die. A bad surface could lead to shorter die life.
  • Stand-alone oil lubrication system is more effective in maintaining lubrication and keeling the bearings from premature wear.
  • Stainless steel pellet chamber - inside and out - resists corrosion and lasts longer in most pelleting operations.
  • Besides providing a smaller, more compact footprint, one motor is more efficient than dual motors. Engineering study after study proves that the energy required to start one motor versus two motors of equal horsepower is less. This includes the amount of energy needed to "ramp up" the two motors to full power. One motor takes less time to get your mill at full production - saving you money.
  • Multipositioning feeder enables easier installation and alignment to bins, etc
Pelleting Surface Area (sq. in.)
Die Diameter
Lab Mill
2 - 30
25 - 100
85 - 229
12 - 16
75 - 200
229 - 323
16 - 22.5
150 - 300
279 - 786
22.5 - 30
300 - 500
430 - 1263
30 - 32.5
300 - 800
1263 - 1556
36 - 42
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CPM Crumblers

CPM pellet crumblers are high capacity, high-efficiency machines. The rugged design and user-friendly features ensure many years of continuous, reliable operation.

There are many advantages to the CPM Crumblers. Listed below are just a few.

  • No bearing alignment is required.
  • Robust bearing support system handles roll seperation forces.
  • Full-length front and rear bolt-on maintenance doors provide full access to rolls for inspection and adjustment.
  • Low profile enables compact installation.
  • More concise roll adjustment means fewer fines.

There are many different sizes and options available to match your production capacities and meet your specific production requirements.

Options Available

  • Roll adjust
    1. Manual handwheel
    2. Air-actuated - two position
    3. Full feature remote operation
  • Feeder
    1. Roll feeder with lever gate
    2. Rotary pocket feeder
    3. Surge panels
  • Gate actuator
    1. Air-actuated - two position
    2. Air-actuated - three position
    3. Full feature
    4. Manual handwhee
CPM Provides the best in equipment, dies, parts, and services which together represent the lowest operating cost solution to our customers. Simply stated, CPM offers you the best VALUE PACKAGE. Your CPM representative is a professional with thorough knowledge of your local conditions and procession methods. He will help you obtain maximum efficiency from your pelleting process.
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